Salmon ladder


4’ Salmon ladder. 12” gaps. Can be screwed in Woden structures AND on all standard rigs. Comes with a 5’ aluminum bar with holes to insert safety rope (safety rope not included). Free shipping USA and Canada.


4 different variations

1) 1/2 holes every 2” ( North American rigs) 

2) 1/2 holes every 50mm (European and Chinese rigs)  

3) 3/4 holes every 2” (North American) 

4) 3/4 holes every 50mm (european and Chinese rigs) 

kit includes: 2x Hdpe salmon ladders 

                      1x 5’ aluminum 

                      8x to fix on rig

Free shipping USA and Canada


*** generally in stock may take 2-3 weeks to produce *** 


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