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Training Club Ebook - 22 days non repetitive program

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Introductory offer! For a limited time only, save 80% off on our new training program.

You are about to take the first step on your journey from being a participant to becoming a competitor. We love obstacle course racing and believe that with the right training routine, you will love it too.

Coach of the program

Matthieu Dubreucq: Co founder of F5 Equipment - Head coach of the F5 Training Club

Carl Deschatelets: Co founder of F5 Equipment - Director of product design and development 


A mixed-modalities training

Traditional training routines are based on dividing modalities. However, new evidence has shown that it’s much more beneficial to train with a mixture of modalities. This is why we’ve designed the F5 Training Club to be based on a mixed modalities approach:

  • Aerobic training
  • Anaerobic training
  • Terrain training
  • Grip training
  • Time training
  • Pre-hab training

Training protocol

We suggest that you train 3 times a week. That doesn’t prevent you from doing a little extra work to work on your weaknesses during the week but 3 intense workouts will maximize what you will get out of the training program. Training “only” 3 times a week will give your body time to recover. You can’t make significant progress if you never give your body a chance to heal itself after an intense workout.

Force5 training club protocol

You will find 22 training sessions in this program that will challenge what you do, what you know and how you train. Give it your honest 100% effort and see the results for yourself.

We are confident that you will be proud of what you achieve!

What you will get ?

  • A 30 pages E-book program
  • Link to exclusive video

Join the club!

- Carl & Matt

Force5 training club starter kit can be purchase here. 

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