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F5 challenge

Force5 ORC Challenge

Challenge yourself into the F5RCE OCR Challenge  that will allow you to win your spot for the OCRWC 2020 

The world’s best Virtual OCR Challenge on Friday April 24th and run for 3 weeks. 

This is NOT a virtual K.  You will be challenged like a real OCR with a lot of grip work and running.  Are you ready.

Each week athletes will have a minimum of 2 events to complete. 

Equipement : 

2 chairs, one broom stick, a door, 2 towels, a back pack with 20lbs (9kg) of weight, water or whatever you can prove makes 20lbs, a measurement tape. 

You wil need a minimum distance of 30 feet zone to do shuttle run (10m).  Of course we will have some long distance running.  But we will give an option for treadmill and shuttle run for everyone to be able to participate.  

Divisions : 

Pro, 18 & under,18-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65+

Prizes : 

Each division with 50+ registered athletes will have one paid entree for the OCRWC 2020 for the winner.
*Pro division is guaranteed one paid spot for OCRWC

F5RCE will award a grip kit to each winner and more depending on registration numbers.

Score submission : 

In order to be eligible for prizes you will need to provide a video of your performance (with the standards described in each specific workout description).  The video will be uploaded on YouTube and linked to the score of the athlete in the race platform.  

The events will be released on the Friday at 9 a.m. (Montreal time) and you will have until Monday 11:59 p.m. (Montreal time) to submit your scores.  

The event will be running from April 24th to May 11th




FAQ : 

How many events will there be?

You will be in a 3 week competition with a minimum of 2 events to do per week.

How many times can I do the events?

You will be able to update your score until each weekly dealine (the Monday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern time zone)

Do I aboslutely need to provide a video as proof of my results?

If you want to be eligible to the OCRWC spot and the F5RCE prizes yes.

But if you want to participate for fun you don't have to submit a video of your performance.  

Will you validate videos?

We will have a team to review the videos as we are going but the finale validation will be done before officializing the final scores.  It is possible you see a invalid video up for a week.  you can bring it to our attention and we will prioritize looking at that performance.  

Why should I register?

By registering you will make it official that you are competing.  It will bring your level of good stress up and make you accountable to complete the events before the deadline.  You will be in the same state of mind as doing a real OCR challenge.  The same way as just doing a training day at a course is not the same as the real thing, not registering is not the same thing as doing it for real!  Give it a try, you will have a blast!