OCR F5 Rig

OCR F5 rig  is the perfect obstacle for you event or your gym. 

Made of 90% aluminium and 10% steel, our rig can be assembled in less than 2 hours with at team of 4 persons. The rig also gives the possibility of having  water or mud underniath.

The standard rig comes with 3 lanes. Making it a rig  of 10' W x 20' L x 14' h

Then you can use this standard rig and add on other sections.

You can easily build a 20'x20', a 30'x20' or even a 10'x40' rig depending on your needs.

Each rig is built on demand so it will have your colors and logo on it.

Additional options: Skyline, all force5 accessories can be hung when used in a standard rig configuration, spinners and custom accessories can also be made.

Contact us for a quote and expert advice at force5equip@gmail.com

See below our client's rig




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