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F5 Wheel


Type of wheel


F5 wheels 24” and 36” . Perfect addition for Ninja gyms and home gyms. They can be ordered as a package or individual. Free shipping for USA and Canada. 

option 1 : 24” wheel fix comes with a steel plate with clamps(ready to clamp on scaffolding or 1.9” pipe) 

option 2: 24” wheel with swing arm. Has seen at noram and Ocrwc but with a smaller wheel(Ready to clamp on scaffolding or any 1.9” pipe) 

option 3: 36” wheel with swing arm identical to Ocrwc f5 rig. (Ready to clamp on scaffolding or any 1.9 pipe) 


Only available for Canada and USA market. For other regions please contact us by email.

*** generally in stock may take 2-3 weeks to produce specially if they are  custom coloured*** 

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