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Grip ball 6''


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Don’t let ball grips be your wrecking ball, Miley. Elevate your training by using the grip ball trusted by events like Obstacle Course World Championships, Spartan races, and ninja, obstacle, and climbing gyms all over the world.

Forearm strength is the key to success for many obstacle racers, climbers and those training for ninja competitions, like Ninja Warrior. Using standard grip trainers will not produce the results needed to give you grip and forearm strength, but this ball grip is not your standard training tool and is much more affordable than climbing wall hold systems.

This F5 6” ball grip has earned nicknames like the “Ninja Ball” or the “Cannon Ball” because it will train your grip to handle just about any rig out there. Using one hand or two, adding this grip to your collection will prepare you for any upper body and grip strength adventure. Trusted by the most versatile athletes in the business, it won’t disappoint for those of you that need to add bigger guns to your arsenal.

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