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Gibbons Experience Kit



The Gibbons Experience 2.0 Kit by F5 is the ultimate challenge of precision and grip strength.

We have 2 variations of the kit:

  • 1 pair of Gibbons + 1 pair of wooden dowels
  • 3 pair of Gibbons + 1 pair of wooden dowels

We strongly suggest more than 2 pair to have a good challenge.

“NO attachments are included in this kit”

This version is different (wider) than the previous version to accommodate athletes that will choose to chicken wing. The new model isn’t compatible with the old version. Contact us if you have retro fit issues.

The F5 Gibbon experience not only trains grip strength, it tests both precision and control in the muscles needed to tackle any type of monkey bar system.

This system targets muscles involved in monkey bar techniques, involving the obliques and abdominal muscles needed for an effective swing motion.

The Gibbon will challenge athletes of ALL levels, from beginners to pros. Seen at events like the Obstacle Course World Championships, this kit has been nominated for awards in the category of ‘best new obstacle’ in the obstacle racing industry.

We strongly suggest more than 4 brackets should be purchased in order to create an appropriate challenge with fluid movement. These monkey bar brackets can be screwed in place or hang from a rig. Hanging makes it much more difficult and can create an intense challenge.

NO attachments are included in this kit”

This kit includes: 6 brackets or 2 brackets, and two wooden dowels.


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